Rethinking This Decision

Back in January of this year, JoAnn's was advertising for a knitting teacher.  I immediately left my name for a call back. 


A month later  (Feb) they are still looking for a knitting teacher so I asked again and was told I needed to talk to Nancy.  Guess who I was talking to??  Nancy!  She was the only cashier so she took my name and number and would call me back.  


It is now April.  They are STILL looking for a knitting teacher and I wait for a manager.  Ten minutes later the manager tells me that Nancy left back in Feb and Peggy is now in charge. She will be right with me.  I have a seat.  FORTY-FIVE MINUTES LATER Peggy finally comes up to me with a crazed look in her eye.  Apparently she was given the task of running ALL the classes abt 2 weeks prior and she has no idea what she's doing.   Yes they still need a teacher.  Yes they are interested in me.

I get the job and set up a schedule.  Meanwhile they have yet to see how I knit.  

YAY!  More kibble for us!

(btw this was all during an open house to showcase the upcoming classes.  The quilter had a sample of an Ohio Star block.  NONE of the points matched.  Not even close.  If you are going to teach a class on quilting, dont you think your points should match?!?!)

My first class was in May.  I have three students sign up.  Two walk in with yarn but nothing else because when they signed up they were told everything else would be provided.  The third walked in with nothing because she was told EVERYTHING would be provide.  She also told me that she is a lefty and cant learn to knit.  I will never be able to teach her.

I dont believe it!

Guess what?  I couldnt teach her to knit.  When a person decides that they wont be able to do something, it ends up being that way.  She ended up leaving in tears.  She spoke to the manager and told her that I tried all I could to get her to learn but she is a lefty and cant learn to knit as a right hander.  (side note: I have a friend who is a lefty and knits like the rest of us)

Thank goodness the other two ladies picked it up or else I would have felt horrible.  We had such a good time after Debbie Downer left, and they were ready to tackle a real project by the time the class was over.

My next class was this past Saturday.  This time it was 2 little girls, a 7 y/o and a 10 y/o.    There was a discrepancy with what I was supposed to teach (I was told I was the teacher, do what I want!) and they didnt bring anything either.   However nobody ended up in tears, and two little girls AND a mom learned to knit!!

No supplies in THIS basket.

Cons abt this knitting gig:    There is a lack of comunication between corporate and the local store.  There is a lack of communication between management and employees within the local store.  The classes are a great idea in theory but reality is a whole nuther ballgame.

Pros abt this knitting gig:  the people.  Other than the woman who left crying, these people I'm teaching are great.  We have SO much fun and it's really cool to see them go from holding the needles wrong to having a piece of knitted fabric in a couple of hours.  Including the little kids.  

Another con is the money.  I get paid minimum wage.  But it's money that will go toward a band fee or a theatre ticket.  And I get a teaching card that gives me 15% off my purchases.  

So I will keep teaching as classes pop up.  For now........


Anonymous said…
That should keep things interesting! LOL

I've noticed that our Joanns isn't very organized about the classes either. Corporate WANTS classes, but I'm guessing the stores would be just as happy to NOT provide them. any case, have a good time. At least you'll be meeting a lot of nice people.
Linda said…
Congrats Lynn (I think). lol Sounds like fun even with all the mix ups. Love the kitty pics.

stitcherw said…
Good luck on the knitting classes. While frustrating, it would also be so rewarding to see brand new knitters emerging :) We need more crafters of all types to take up the different areas, good for the industry and good for them too :)

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