Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today

Looking out my window

We have been having heavy rain showers every afternoon.  Nothing like Louisiana, but drenching nonetheless.

I am thinking
that I like the older version of the Daybook better than the revised one.  I made some changes in the post back to one I used back in 2015.

I am thankful
That I have a job.  That I have a working car.  That my kids are healthy. My job can be boring (on a daily basis), but it allows me the flexibility to take time off for family.  I drive a car as old as #1 Son and we have to share it, but it works.  My kids can make me crazy, but they are turning into productive humans.  Life may not be where I imagined it would be at almost 50, but it's SOO much better than it could be  

I am wearing
A Mickey Mouse night shirt.  It's long, down to my knees, and I've been know to drive Baby Girl to school while wearing it.  

I am creating

Socks.   I have turned the heel and will be starting the decreases for the foot next.  

I am reading (read) /watching (watched) / listening to
The last book I read was Dave Ramsey's The Total Money Makeover.  It will most likely be the book I discuss at our first book club meeting next week.  Or Nancy Drew.  Or The Idiot's Guide to Knitting Sweaters.  While others will be discussing high brow books, I will be discussing knitting and drinking wine.  Sounds like a great night to me!!

I also continue to watch reruns of Hogan's Heroes before I go to sleep.  It's from the late 60s but it still holds up.  

I am hoping
that life doesnt throw me any more surprises.  I need some consistency right now.

I am hearing
#1 Son on the phone with a friend. Hemi chirping at me to feed him.  The hum of the computer.

In my kitchen
right now I have a ton of dishes to do and a box of half eaten pizza from dinner.

In the school room
I already posted a pic of Baby Girl heading off to high school,  but I didnt post this one of #1 Son.  

He is finishing off his senior year at a technical school and will most likely be done in abt a month.  He took a placement test and got a perfect score.  His counselor said she never saw anybody get a perfect score.  That's my boy!

In my garden
I have none.  I *could* plant some things in the front area of my apt, but I've tried twice, killing both things, one of them being a sunflower.  However I do have a basil plant growing at work!  It occasionally will get a haircut for a caprese salad at home.

A Favorite Quote

I know quite a few ppl who are doing this.  Including myself.  

A Peek Into My Week
drop offs to band and theatre.  Work.  Our first football game of the season.

One of my favorite things AKA Hemi's Corner

Snack Time!

If you want to play, go here.


Anonymous said…
Sounds like things are falling into a comfortable routine.

Does #1 Son know what he would like to do after he is done his senior year?
Anonymous said…
P.S. BIG CONGRATS to him on aceing the entrance test! But, then ......are you REALLY surprised. Both of your kids are pretty darn smart ---- talented and cute too! Oh and the most important part ------nice people!
Smily said…
You're right about being thankful to all those simple everyday things we often think too simple to be thankful for. At least, I think.
Linda said…
Sounds like things are calming down a little for you Lynn. Your living in an apartment now! Thanks for the Hemi pic.

Schotzy said…
I have a feeling tht eHemi is a little spoiled.. hope he spoils you right back!
Monica said…
Hi Lynn,
So glad I stumbled upon you this morning! I am your newest follower! :) Love your thankfulness list, reading/watching/listening list, your quote, and pretty much all it I can relate to right now! :)
Hope to see you again soon!

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