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Bullet Point Tuesday

Normally I do the Daybook on Tues but I dont feel like being that organized so I'm doing bullet points instead.

1.   My rash is still getting worse.  Parts that were not covered yesterday are now covered today.  And I can feel more popping up.  And I feel both itchy and prickly.  The dr is closed until tomorrow so I will be calling them to have somebody look at my rash/welts.  I'm on two different allergy meds plus benadryl and it's still getting worse.  I'm at a loss. 

2.  Since I dont want to stir up dust and add to my already out of control histamines, I have been staying in bed watching old movies/tv shows.  Yesterday was Paul Blart, SoapDish and some old Mary Tyler Moore.  Today so far is The Nanny marathon, but that ends at 2pm so I will be switching to Netflix for The Doctor Blake Mysteries.  Love watching mysteries where they have to use old fashioned forensics. 

3.  Ive decided that I am going to chill out with my Caledonia.  It's starting to feel like an …

Because I Have Time Off

We usually keep things very low key here during the holidays.  So I was looking forward to some quality down time this wknd at Casa del Apartamente.   Or so I thought.
I am covered in hives.  Since Monday.  The drs dont know exactly what triggered the histamines to run amok in my body, but they are and I'm one big hive.  The consensus is the meds I was on for my sinus infection kicked them into gear and anything else just exasperated the problem.  I keep getting a little bit worse every day.  I've been told it wont kill me (yay?) and that it will take abt 2 or 3 weeks to get rid of the rash once we get the histamines under control. I can attest this has not happened yet.  Honestly I can live with the ugliness of the rash, its the heat and the prickles and the itch that are making me nuts.  I'm on steroids, zyrtec, zantac, benadryl, z-pack and sudafed.  I was going to add a picture of my leg, but decided against it.  It's gross.  
This was my Saturday sky from yesterday…

And Just Like That......

My Fair Lady closed after 5 weeks and 21 shows.

I'm happy and sad at the same time.  So is Baby Girl.  She is EXHAUSTED and was happy it was over.  Until the wrap party.  Then she got emotional.  It's hard to say goodbye, esp when one of the girls is going to Chicago in Jan for school.  Thank goodness for social media! 

The weirdest thing is there are no shows lined up for her in the foreseeable future.  It might be the summer before she does another show. 

Meanwhile back at Casa del Apartamente, I finished side 2 of my ruana. 

This thing is HUGE!!!!!  There are three pieces to this thing and two are now complete.  They have been attached to each other and now I just have to knit down the back.  I did the math and I need to knit 268 rows of 218 stitches to finish it off.  That's overwhelming to think about so I have broken it down into 11 rows a day.  Sounds doable.  I refuse to think about the stitch count.

I have to store it this way because I'm afraid it will snag o…

Turning into a Chatty Cathy!!!

Wow, once I decide to jump back into blogging, I go both barrels!!!  So what's going on this wknd??

Saturday sky:  It was cold and grey and I. LOVED. IT!

When you live in a state that blinds you with a lot of light, having a day or two of grey skies is actually calming.  Today we are still chilly but sunny so more people are out and about around Casa del Apartamente.

Baby Girl had a double header yesterday which meant that I had the entire day to myself.   Worked on more of the apartment, emptying boxes and filling drawers.  Why yes I am still unpacking!  Thanks for asking!

Dinner was made, dishes washed, floors vacuumed.  And DUST has been stirred up so my sinuses feel a bit raw today.  But that is what Sudafed is for.  Onward HO!

Today I went thru a box that has turned into a cat bed.  Lucy sleeps in it for the most part, but Theo tends to commandeer it from time to time. 

He does it just to tick Lucy off.  It's been awhile since I've changed out the blanket and I know t…

Forever Organizing

I don't need a therapist to tell me I have hoarding tendancies.  I know this about myself and I fight to keep it in check.  This means I will forever be organizing my stuff.  Since #1 Son moved out, I've gone thru his old space, kept what he wants to save and purged the rest.  I've opened some boxes that have been packed away for almost two years.  Half of the stuff I still wanted, the rest was given to a good friend who could use what was left. 

It's a process.

But I feel I'm s-l-o-w-l-y making some.  And in the most mundane ways, too.  One way was to finally decide that I will never have a yard sale.  I hate them and I never make enough money with them.  The eBay business I tried to make work took up a lot of time with little profit so I ended that as well.

*but that's money I can use toward a car/house/teenager/travel/etc!*
OR it can be donated as a tax write off and I can move forward with less stuff.

I'm not going to lie, that decision was a struggle. …

Decisions, Decisions.......

The movies will be for this wknd.  And I decided to start reading Scruples from 1978.   But for now, I knit.

The Simple Woman's Daybook - The Weekly Version

For Today

Looking out my window This was taken on Saturday.  It's the view from the back of the local grocery store.

This was taken the Monday after Thanksgiving weekend.  It's the view I have when I leave my apartment complex.

I am thinking What will the Monday after Christmas look like???
I am thankful for the library system in my county.  I can borrow from any library in the county and have it delivered directly to my local library.  

I am creating Still working on my bolero.  I have 40 rows left of side two.  Once I can connect the two pieces I will take another picture.  There is nothing new from my last post other than more brown.
I am wearing My mickey night shirt.  It is very comfy and I may or may not have picked up Baby Girl from theatre while wearing it.
I am reading I finished Valley of the Dolls and loved it.  I rented the video from the library to watch again.  I checked out Peyton Place, Scruples and Prague Winter for the next set to choose from.  I really want to read…

Sunday Randomness

1.  Now that I'm back to blogging, I'm also back to blog reading.  I decided to go thru my list of blogs I followed to weed out some of the ones that just don't blog anymore.  If you haven't posted in 2 years, you were deleted. I discovered something interesting.  Bloggers have either stopped blogging  3 years ago, or are still blogging full steam ahead!!!  It's been fun trying to catch up on everybody!

2.  Last Saturday was a particular stressful day, and the cuticles on my right hand were a mess.  I tried knitting but the yarn kept rubbing on one of my sore spots.  Bandaids didnt help since the bandaid catches on the yarn.  Hmmmmm, I will pull out some cross stitch!!!  The sad thing?  I could not find ANY!!!!  No big projects, no little kits, nothing!  I know I have some in a bag somewhere, but it must be buried somewhere in this place.  And all the main supplies are in the storage unit.  ~sigh~  Just when I am in the mood to stitch.....

SO I stopped by the stora…

Three Down.......

... five to go.

Theatre is still alive and well here at Casa del Apartamente and Friday was opening night for My Fair Lady. 

There are 20 shows and 1 friends and family dress rehearsal and I have been to every one so far.  Today will mark the first performance that I will not be attending.  I'm so used to seeing all the things my kids are in, but when they perform in Main Stage theatre, I cant be at every. single. one.  Thank goodness for comp tix and volunteering opportunities! 

So later today I will be dropping Baby Girl off at the theatre and not be watching her perform.  What shall I do?  I could clean, I could do laundry, I could empty out some boxes that have been lingering around for almost 2 years.  I should really work on my bolero.

Or I could lay in bed and watch a movie. And while Eliza could have danced all night, I think I'd rather hunker down with a good hallmark mystery.

Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today

Looking out my window It's a bit cloudy, the temp is 69 degrees and a bit chilly when the wind blows.  It is fall in Florida!  

I am thinking How different  life is from a year ago.   #1 Son moved out back in March.  While we communicate every few days (I make him send me a proof of life selfie), I have only seen him in real life in July.  
I miss him terribly but he is happy and for that I am thankful.  Baby Girl is no longer in band or young people's theatre.  Instead she is doing Main Stage theatre.  Rehearsals are much more demanding and later at night.  However she is having a ton of fun and for that I am thankful as well.
I am thankful That my kids are healthy and happy. They are growing up which I am not necessarily ready for, but time waits for no one so I keep up with the flow that is life.  
I am creating I started a bolero type sweater/jacket a year ago.  I finished side one 2 weeks ago.  However I am determined to finish it before the end of the year.  I figu…

Saturday Sky

It's a rare treat to have a full Saturday at home.  While today was not quite that day, I got to experience something new today. 

I went to IKEA for the first time!

I've never been.  And the store is amazing.  What started out as "killing time" ended up really fun!  I signed up for Family store benefits which qualified me for a set of silverware.

After a $2 breakfast, we walked the store.  I didnt buy much, but i got a ton of ideas!!!!  I will be back.

After dropping Baby Girl off at a friend's house, I had the rest of the day to myself.  What do I do??  Cook of course.  I dont do that much these days so it was a lot of fun to do.

We eat out way too much so I wanted to take the opportunity to make some things while I could.  Tomorrow is another day free so there will be more cooking.  I'm hoping to fill the freezer.  Because once Monday starts, it will be nuts.  Baby Girl is in a local production of My Fair Lady and opening night is Friday.  Which means this …

So Let's Try This Again, Shall We??

Well hello there!! So glad you could stop by!  Life has been an adventure, and will continue to be so, but I'm trying to get back to the things that make me happy.  I considered starting a new blog because I wasn't sure if this one still fit, but life is a work in progress and just because things have changed, you don't throw out the baby with the bath water. I have changed the background but I apparently lost some things along the way.  I really have no idea how to make it look pretty, add links, followers etc, but I will go with it. 

It's been over a year since I've posted last and i'm hoping to change that.  At the beginning of November I thought of joining NABLOPOMO (insert hysterical laughter here) but then I decided that I didnt' want that kind of pressure on me.  I'm going to shoot for 3x a week, Tues/Fri/Sat since I have themes already in place for those days, but I am reading more and I am working on a knitting project that I have set goals for…