Forever Organizing

I don't need a therapist to tell me I have hoarding tendancies.  I know this about myself and I fight to keep it in check.  This means I will forever be organizing my stuff.  Since #1 Son moved out, I've gone thru his old space, kept what he wants to save and purged the rest.  I've opened some boxes that have been packed away for almost two years.  Half of the stuff I still wanted, the rest was given to a good friend who could use what was left. 

It's a process.

But I feel I'm s-l-o-w-l-y making some.  And in the most mundane ways, too.  One way was to finally decide that I will never have a yard sale.  I hate them and I never make enough money with them.  The eBay business I tried to make work took up a lot of time with little profit so I ended that as well.

*but that's money I can use toward a car/house/teenager/travel/etc!*

OR it can be donated as a tax write off and I can move forward with less stuff.

I'm not going to lie, that decision was a struggle.  For a good month I seriously went back and forth on it.  However, once I made the decision I felt I could breathe.  Could I use the money?  Absolutely!! BUT..... I have enough money to pay bills.   I'm living below my means which allows me to save as much as I can toward an emergency fund, car repairs (my cars are practically vintage, but they run and I have no car payment, which makes me better off than most),  a small house (because apartment living is yuck) and most importantly travel. 


Yard sale stuff GONE!!

Ebay stuff GONE!!

Is it broken or chipped??  GONE

Is it stained or torn??  GONE

Those seven ugly pillows on my couch?  Thrown out.

The huge bag of empty Nintendo cases?  Living in my car to take to Game Stop. 

I will never be a minimalist (YARN!), but I also don't want to end up on an episode of Hoarders.  It's finding that balance that works for ME, because that balance is different for everybody.  And part of my balance will include cat fur. 

Side note:  This guy was born 19 years ago today.  He may be old enough to be living 4 states over, but he will always be my little boy, my #1 Son.


kathy b said…
yes he will be. I pray my kids move back closer to us. I love that you have cleaned house!!!! I have a rule that if its chipped GOES
Anonymous said…
Happy birthday .... ah, I remember when he used to sit with us at stitching day!!!

I never, ever thought I would say this, but cat fur all over everything is just fine!!!! There. I said it. And, trust me, Giroux sheds like it is his full time job!

I may be minimalist in most every way, but ....................YARN!
Linda said…
Happy Birthday to your son. I to live with cat fur.


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