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But I Only Blinked!!!!

I use 4 calendars.  All 4 of them tell me today is the last day of January.
They all lie.
How is it possible that Jan is over??  Time moves too fast.  I've tried making less plans, but that only makes the days longer, not the years.  The month was filled with a trip to Texas, 

THREE plays, 

We also saw The Fox on the Fairway, but those shows were dress rehearsals and volunteering.  We see the show again in a couple of weeks (yes, another February event!)
Baby Girl turning 16, 

and a visit with the inlaws.

I'm also getting crosstrained at work which is putting me behind on the rest of my work, but that's a whole nuther therapy session.
February is shaping up to being just as nuts.  We've got a destination wedding coming up, another play (see above), and a quilt show.  In between all of this I have to work longer days, fit in shopping for the wedding, and try to find some quiet time to keep my sanity.  
I truly thought once children's theatre and marching band was ov…

That's Right, It IS A New Year!

In the past I would reflect on what I've knit, stitched, read.  I've gotten out of the habit of that.  Now that I'm trying to get some kind of routine for ME back in place, it made me look back at what I've read, stitched and knit. 

And that would be a yes to some and no to others. 

2017 was another year of changes.  Lots of endings and beginnings. 

MY address didnt change, but it did for my son.  He moved to Texas. 

Theatre had changes as well.  The director that we all loved decided to resign.  It was a very emotional situation.  The new director is great, but she's different.  Bugsy Malone Jr performances were back in March of 2016.  This show was the first show with the new director, and for many it was the last show in the program. 

Some aged out, others just missed the old director.  Baby Girl did one more show, but has since moved on.  She has done two more plays since, but is taking a break for now. 

Not participating in theatre has no slowed down our ticke…

Bullet Post Tuesday

1.  We are leaving for TX on Friday.  I'm trying to finish up plans, wash clothes, and figure what books/knitting to bring with me. 

An escape room with an old Victorian/Steampunk theme is set, along with a play at the local high school.  Everything apparently IS bigger in TX since this high school doesnt have a theatre/auditorium, it has a Performing Arts Center.  I had to buy tix like I was going to a professional theatre. My expectation of the performance has jumped by alot!

I will bring my kindle app to keep book weight to a minimum and I already have a scarf that will come along for the ride.  I started it when we were in CA over the summer.  Haven't touched it since.  It may become the Sisterhood of the traveling scarf!  I think I will take pics with it where ever we go now......

I kinda sorta know what I'm going to wear, will probably run a load of laundry Thursday night. Notice how more thought has gone into what we will do, read and knit;  not so much with what I …

Really Need A Money Tree

So it's the new year.  What are my plans?  (because I don't do resolutions)

1.  Travel:  check

I have flight reservations to visit #1 Son in TX next week.  I am VERY excited!!!!  I haven't seen him in person since July. 

I just made flight reservations to visit family in NC in March.  This is a mixed blessing.  Since my cars are practically vintage with a TON of mileage on them (but no car payment so go me!!) I have to rent a vehicle if we do a long road trip.  I LOVE road trips.  But #1 Son is my road trip buddy.  Baby Girl is all abt the destination, not so much the journey.  And since there are only two of us to travel right now, along with the fact she's in school and i have this job I need to show up for, time is a bit more limited.  So between the time constraints, and the fact that flying is not much more, we will be flying to NC this year.  I am excited for this as well, but a bit sad my road trips are being put on the back burner for a bit.

A friend of mine is…