But I Only Blinked!!!!

I use 4 calendars.  All 4 of them tell me today is the last day of January.

They all lie.

How is it possible that Jan is over??  Time moves too fast.  I've tried making less plans, but that only makes the days longer, not the years.  The month was filled with a trip to Texas, 

Random hugs can strike out of nowhere!!

Dinner all together!!

My heart.


Escape rooms!!!

The huge ice storm cancelled three of our flights out of Houston and shut down the airport.  Had to find a car to get us out of the area and into a hotel.

Making the best of a situation.  Baby Girl got to make her first snowball!!!!

THREE plays, 

We also saw The Fox on the Fairway, but those shows were dress rehearsals and volunteering.  We see the show again in a couple of weeks (yes, another February event!)

Baby Girl turning 16, 

and a visit with the inlaws.

I'm also getting crosstrained at work which is putting me behind on the rest of my work, but that's a whole nuther therapy session.

February is shaping up to being just as nuts.  We've got a destination wedding coming up, another play (see above), and a quilt show.  In between all of this I have to work longer days, fit in shopping for the wedding, and try to find some quiet time to keep my sanity.  

I truly thought once children's theatre and marching band was over, life would slow down a bit.  I have a smaller place AND only one kid at home.  Slower pace right??  HA!!  I realize I am not that person.  Nothing is scheduled??  Then lets plan something!!!  A show in April?  I can put it together!  A wedding three hours away?  I am so there to help with whatever you need!!

Honestly the only thing I would change is my day job.  However that is needed to keep the rest of it all in motion.  

Today was my early day and while I technically *could* go back in after I picked up Baby Girl, I had no desire to.  I came home and read.  Litsoc (Literary Society) is a week from tomorrow (something else planned for Feb) and I want to talk abt more than just one book.  

So am I the only one who feels like January flew by?  


Linda said…
Great pictures Lynn. Sounds like you had fun.

Anonymous said…
It DID fly by. It looks like you filled your month with lots of happy occasions.

Bridget said…
I felt like it went too quickly as well. Not that I necessarily was as busy as you were, but nonetheless, I'll miss it.

I love all of the photos you shared!
kathy b said…
Family photos of joy . What's better than that for the month of JAN????? I LOVE your family shots.

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