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The Latest Trend

I am SOOO not trendy.  Nor do I post things that are trending.  I like what I like and it's usually out of style. 

Back in the day I loved taking pictures (still do) and keeping my photo albums current.  I would add receipts and dates of events.   I would also add little notes or cut out pics to make it more interesting.  I even cut up stationery or wrapping paper to add to the pic.  This was all before scrap booking became popular.

When all the special photo albums and papers became popular, I should have been excited.  I wasn't.  It all seemed so overwhelming.  BUT all my mom friends were very much into scrap booking and *you have to do it too!*   Which is why when #1 Son started kindergarten, I stopped putting pictures in albums and started saving them for scrap booking.  I actually got his kindergarten one done and he LOVED it!  He went thru that thing all the time.  He wore out 3 books!  When I told my scrap booking mom friends how much #1 Son loved his book, they were ho…
So what's going on here at Casa del Apartamente??  Too much!   But who cares?  No one is dead, no one is in jail.  It's a good day!!!

The best things abt that statement above are the reactions I get from ppl.  Some laugh at my joke, others freak out a bit and say, well I hope not!  And then there are the ones that relate and say Ain't that the truth.  Cracks me up every time.

It's a cloudy day here in Central Florida, another front is going thru and I have poor lighting.  So THAT is when I decide to take pictures to post.  Because why not??

What's on the needles? My Caledonia.

Untouched from the last posting.  It will officially be finished by next winter.  Which means it will be mild and I *might* have a day or two of wearing it here.  Hopefully when we go to NC it will be chillier.

The good thing abt knowing it wont be done this year means I can cast on for a pair of socks.  Havent made any in awhile (because of my focus on the unending story that is that project…

Feline Fridays