So what's going on here at Casa del Apartamente??  Too much!   But who cares?  No one is dead, no one is in jail.  It's a good day!!!

The best things abt that statement above are the reactions I get from ppl.  Some laugh at my joke, others freak out a bit and say, well I hope not!  And then there are the ones that relate and say Ain't that the truth.  Cracks me up every time.

It's a cloudy day here in Central Florida, another front is going thru and I have poor lighting.  So THAT is when I decide to take pictures to post.  Because why not??

What's on the needles? My Caledonia.

Untouched from the last posting.  It will officially be finished by next winter.  Which means it will be mild and I *might* have a day or two of wearing it here.  Hopefully when we go to NC it will be chillier.

The good thing abt knowing it wont be done this year means I can cast on for a pair of socks.  Havent made any in awhile (because of my focus on the unending story that is that project!)  Time to pull out some yarn and small needles!

What else is on the needles?  My Travel Scarf

It's making progress but the only time I work on it is when I'm in a plane.  I started it last July when we went to California, and then I worked on it some more when we were in TX.  Nothing since we've been home.  I really need to get another pair of needles for it.  They are size 8 which I have a ton of, but I dont have my needle case here, its on the storage unit.  I *think*.  I've been using dpns but they are really old and dont slide very well (I have a feeling there are a LOT of divets and scratches if I looked closely) so they arent a high priority until I can find another pair of size 8s. 

Then there is my sheep.

It's making good progress too, but I'm on the white boring part or the tan swirly part.  Neither are exciting, BUT I'm really close and if I just focused on the project I could get it done. 

Tonight is LitSoc but I wont be going.  So I'm going to share with you the latest book I read.

All Four Stars.

This book is adorable!!  An easy read but with a storyline that I found interesting.  The book is about an 11 y/o girl who LOVES to cook, but her parents are not on board with the idea.  In fact they think she is too young to do such grown up things.  They want her to spend time at the mall or with her friends instead.  So she cooks after school when her parents are still at work. Until she sets the kitchen drapes on fire JUST as her parents come home.  Needless to say they are not happy with her.  She is grounded, no allowance until the drapes are paid for and she is banned from cooking in the kitchen.  She befriends her neighbor who helps her figure out how to get to NYC to review a new dessert restaurant after an essay for a newspaper contest is mistaken for a resume and she's hired as a freelance food critic! 

Yes it sounds a bit far fetched but it all does make sense and a fun light read.  AND it won a Sunshine State Young Readers Award last year.  Totally recommend it!

The fact that I'm home in my jammies before 5:30 today is amazing!!  And I am trying to figure out what to do first.  Stitch?  Knit??  CLEAN?!?!!?  (hahahaha, clean)

I will probably do a little bit of everything.  Load the dishwasher, knit a few rows.  Clean out the cat box, stitch a strand of thread into my sheep. 

Sounds like a plan!!


Anonymous said… much cleaning got done??? LOL I'm guessing that knitting, stitching or reading won out. I know it would have at MY house.
kathy b said…
The book sounds delightful. Im so into socks right now! I admire all of you who vary your knitting so! Plane knitting. Having a very ordinary week here. We are happy to head to our spots on the couches late afternoon and let the olympic watching begin.

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