The Latest Trend

I am SOOO not trendy.  Nor do I post things that are trending.  I like what I like and it's usually out of style. 

Back in the day I loved taking pictures (still do) and keeping my photo albums current.  I would add receipts and dates of events.   I would also add little notes or cut out pics to make it more interesting.  I even cut up stationery or wrapping paper to add to the pic.  This was all before scrap booking became popular.

When all the special photo albums and papers became popular, I should have been excited.  I wasn't.  It all seemed so overwhelming.  BUT all my mom friends were very much into scrap booking and *you have to do it too!*   Which is why when #1 Son started kindergarten, I stopped putting pictures in albums and started saving them for scrap booking.  I actually got his kindergarten one done and he LOVED it!  He went thru that thing all the time.  He wore out 3 books!  When I told my scrap booking mom friends how much #1 Son loved his book, they were horrified!!  You let him look thru it???  But what if he messes up the pages??  Apparently that was a bad thing.  And right there I realized that scrap booking wasn't for me.  I saw the joy #1 Son had in his face when he looked thru his book, and I wasn't going to stop him from enjoying it. Now everything is on my computer.  I miss looking thru old photo albums, but I have quite a few years to catch up on.  Its on the list.

Fast forward to now.  The new trend is to bullet journal.  I used to keep a journal.  Now it's just an appointment book and calendar to keep my schedule straight.  I still love pens but I don't have the time to keep up with coloring or color coding.  And there are SOO many options!!  Instead of enjoying it, it has that same familiar overwhelming feeling. 

I apparently peaked too soon.

So for those of you who scrap book, bullet journal, use adult coloring books......  tell me about it.  What about it do you love?  Or are you like me and find it more stressful than relaxing?  I know ppl who feel this way abt knitting and are always amazed that I find it relaxing when they just want to throw their project out the window. 


This is Baby Girl and Princess from 2007.  Princess has always been Baby Girl's cat.  We were gone for three days and as soon as we walked in the door, Princess needed her Baby Girl.  Some things never go out of style.


Anonymous said…
I love that Princess loves Baby Girl.

Bullet Journals strike me as "busy work" and I have enough REAL work to be bothered with all that doodling. There is KNITTING to be done.

Coloring --- tried it. Didn't really enjoy it.

Scrap booking --- never really got into it.

Knitting --- yes, please!
kathy b said…
I adore that you let your son read HIS book!! I wish i'd done that. Now my kids aren't too interested in what I saved back then. maybe someday! ???

Knitting all the time. Lately I wondered if i could learn caligraphy. I wondered this because the barn computer is making me kooky and It would be easier to write out certificates beautifully instead of fight with the printer!

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