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The Simple Woman's Daybook

For Today
Looking out my window... it was surprisingly chilly for us today.  It never got out of the 60s with a cold wind all day.  Last week we were 87.  Today I needed a jacket all day.  This may sound nuts to most of you, but if you've ever lived in the south, esp Florida, it's not unusual to start the day with the heat and by 3 needing the a/c on.  Trust me, I'm not complaining, it was just a surprise.
I am thinking... how much I really like these daybook entries.  I've started this post a few times now, but my thoughts were all over the map.  The daybook helps me to focus on just one topic at a time.
I am thankful...for my health.  Just had a physical today, and other than the dreaded word "arthritis", I'm in good shape.  All my numbers are where they are supposed to be.  Except what the scale says.  That is my only problem.  And the dr doesnt want to say too much abt it since everything else is good.  I am 51 and at this point it can go either way.  
I …