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Looking out my window... it was surprisingly chilly for us today.  It never got out of the 60s with a cold wind all day.  Last week we were 87.  Today I needed a jacket all day.  This may sound nuts to most of you, but if you've ever lived in the south, esp Florida, it's not unusual to start the day with the heat and by 3 needing the a/c on.  Trust me, I'm not complaining, it was just a surprise.

I am thinking... how much I really like these daybook entries.  I've started this post a few times now, but my thoughts were all over the map.  The daybook helps me to focus on just one topic at a time.

I am thankful...for my health.  Just had a physical today, and other than the dreaded word "arthritis", I'm in good shape.  All my numbers are where they are supposed to be.  Except what the scale says.  That is my only problem.  And the dr doesnt want to say too much abt it since everything else is good.  I am 51 and at this point it can go either way.  

I am wearing... big baggy tshirt, red plaid pj pants, pink socks.

I am creating...a life.  It's busy, and crazy, and I'm failing at it many times, BUT my kids love me, I have a home with water and a car that can take me to a job.  I need to add in some stitching and knitting and quilting (btw i bought a quilt kit at a quilt show I went to a couple of weeks back.  Maybe my mental faculties might be diminishing a bit....Delusion rules the day at times), but overall, not too shabby.

I am watching... reruns.  Most specifically Mary Tyler Moore Show, Bob Newhart Show and of course my Hogan's Heroes.  My brain doesnt want to add one more thing to it. 

I am reading... I havent read anything since All Four Stars (which I'm pretty sure I wrote abt awhile back), but I do have a couple of books saved at the library.  Apparently I'm not the only one on the list and its taking a long time.  I've downloaded a few from Amazon for my Kindle, but by the time I actually sit down to read, there is no brain power left.  We had Literary Society tonight, but I had no energy even for that.  There is a bonus one scheduled for Tues and I think I'll probably hit that one.  

I am hoping... for a productive Saturday.  I really need to clean this apt because it's getting BAD, but there just hasnt been a lot of time.  

I am learning... that my life will always be busy.  The good thing abt that is I am never bored (except at work), but the bad thing abt that is I'm always tired.  Guess I'll sleep when I'm dead!  LOL

In the kitchen... considering how often Baby Girl and I get take out, I have way too many dirty dishes in the sink.

Shared Quote

A moment from my month.  In bullet points.

Baby Girl is a licensed driver

I went to a quilt show a couple of weeks ago and had a blast.  I took a ton of pics and plan on posting the better ones here for a Virtual Quilt Show.  Stay tuned.

One of the girls was on vacation at work and they had me fill in for her.  This required quite a bit of training.  And staying all day.  While nobody did my work.  She is back and I have two weeks of paperwork and emails to catch up on.  Big reason why I am brain dead.  

My best friend's daughter got married.  It was beautiful, and stressful and a TON of fun!!  Makes me want to become a wedding planner.  I just wont give up my Saturdays which would be a problem.

One of my favorite things... AKA Hemi's Corner!!!!

Post Script

If you enjoyed reading my daybook and would like to create one of your own, here is the link to the format, guidelines and complete list of prompts.


Dianna said…
Hello Lynn,

It is nice to meet you. Thank you for stopping by my blog earlier this evening.

Your daughter is beautiful...such a sweet smile.

Quilting was something that my mother-in-law loved to do. In my actual post for today, there is a picture of the very first quilt she made. It now belongs to us.

I enjoy crocheting and have the two projects going...which were in my SWDB. I'm considering when I have both of them finished that I'll purchase yarn and do a full size afghan...just not sure which pattern.

Have a great weekend!
kathy b said…
Good to hear what you've been up to. I had that exhausted part of my life a few years back. Im so glad it is calmer now, but it leaves me a bit anxious. Shouldn't I fill up every second with something......NO!!!! im learning . Weddings always seems stressful, but worth it in the end. Lovely photo of the couple
Anonymous said…
These Day Book posts are my favorite, I think and of course, there was a bonus photo of Hemi. He ALWAYS makes my day.
Gillian said…
Loved your comments! I feel your pain. Especially at work. The Daybooks have been a real blessing to me. I have wanted to blog for a long time but never came up with good ideas! I quilt, weave and spin. I love going to quilt shows, but I don't think my husband likes it as I come home with too many new ideas!

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