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Looking out my window...right now it's raining

I am thinking... how I need to slow down. So far in 2018 we have been to TX in Jan, Palm Coast in Feb, and NC in March.  Plus we just had #1 Son and the IO stay this wknd.   It's been a ride and I need to get off for a bit.

I am thankful...for my Baby Girl.  She is my travel partner.  She is a kind soul.  She tells her dad like it is!

I am wearing... a grey t-shirt nightgown with a coffee design on it.

I am creating...since we've been traveling so much, my scarf has come out to play, but not much has been done on it, maybe a few more rows.  I'm really sick of the tans and golds and want to get to the main colors that I love.  

HOWEVER, my 13 y/o nephew still wants me to make him some socks.  I brought it up when we were in NC and I gave him an out if he didnt want them.  Told him I didnt want to be *that aunt* that makes things nobody wants to wear.  He still wants them.  Made me all warm and fuzzy.  

I am watching... reruns.  Still.  Right now I have on Murphy Brown.  I used to love that show alot, but I cant seem to get into it like I used to.  Not sure how long it will continue to get DVR real estate.

I am reading... Nothing.  I still have the same books on hold at the library.  One is at priority 1 (so I'm next woohoo), then priority 3 and then priority 48.  

I am hoping... for a quieter week.  We have stuff planned (as usual) but its not as bad as it's been.  Which means some downtime for me.  

I am learning... that some people never change.  

In the kitchen... I actually made some homemade mac and cheese on Friday!!!  That was the night the theatre group got together for a party for #1 Son.  

Shared Quote

This came up in my time hop on Facebook.  And fit me to a tee two years ago.  Not anymore.  Life is not where I want it to be, but I am MUCH better than I was two years ago.  

A moment from my month.  In bullet points.

*Three musicals

Didnt get a picture of Always, Patsy Cline.  This show I'm actually volunteering for so I'll get a copy when I work the show on Friday. 

*Local town had an event where all the local restaurants gave out samples of their food.  It was a much needed night out with a really good friend.

*Another night out to see our favorite local band, Johnny Wild and the Delights.  Baby Girl got to play cow bell again.  They are always a fun night!


*#1 Son visiting!!!!

This is the first time in a year he has been home for a visit.  Taking him back to the airport was really hard this time. 

Saturday was nice

Sunday was fun

And Monday was just weird.  The IO is a recovering alcoholic and he decided that Monday would be the day he would make amends.  While I admire his efforts, sobriety is not the same as sanity.  

Which brings us to today. 

A leak in the toilet.  Because why not......

At least it was a clean water leak instead of a septic water overflow!!  LOL  

One of my favorite things... AKA Hemi's Corner!!!!

No bag is safe!

Post Script

If you enjoyed reading my daybook and would like to create one of your own, here is the link to the format, guidelines and complete list of prompts.


Anonymous said…
Wow! I'm tired just READING all that you've been doing. Sounds like you could use a day just to BREATHE! LOL

Glad you had time with your son. I know how it is to be missing them, although it wasn't *quite* as long since I've seen mine. But was TOO long for my taste.

Hugs, friend . . . I miss being able to get together with you.
Smily said…
Wearing nice made cut socks are in fashion now ;)
And I like your picture of the day much (not that with the toilet). :) Anyway, different things happen, whatever we thing about them.
Have a nice week,
kathy b said…
I love all the family photos. we are kind of numb and sad today. Left our kids as we all headed to our homes after nearly a week In Mexico. GOsh I want so badly for them to move closer to us. I should be happy that we had such lovely weather, accomodations, and laughs. I miss them so

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