Let's See If This Works

Back in March I went to a quilt show.  I bought a kit to make a wall hanging and I also bought this book.

It's a journal to keep track of your quilting.  Since I haven't worked on a quilt in YEARS,  I knew it would need a broader purpose.  So it has become my crafting journal.  When you open it up, one side has a gorgeous quilt related picture and the other side has an area to journal on what you are working on that week  THIS I can work with!

I figure it will encourage me to work on something on a weekly basis.  I also figured out I need to work 2 rows on Caledonia in order to be done with it by Oct 1.  Sounds easy enough, but there are over 200 stitches in a row and this thing is getting big and bulky.  I try to keep it in a bag as I work on it just to limit the amount of cat fur that will end up in it. 

What motivates you to stick with a project?


Anonymous said…
I think what motivates me the most is the thought that if I don't finish something, I have wasted my time.

However, if I get into a project and really don't like it, I have no problem quitting it. I just don't let WIPs that I intend to finish sit around.
kathy b said…
That is a great question. If I am entertained with the colorways, if i'm succeeding with the pattern and If I love how it is working up, I stick to it. Currently Im ditching a shawl. The second attempt with this yarn.....

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