Not Your Typical

The last time I went to Literary Society, LitSoc for short, everybody was talking abt books that were inspirational.  Or self help like how to do your taxes and dealing with well meaning but inappropriate cancer comments.  Me?  Give me a good murder mystery.

The same is true when I go to read posts from the Simple Woman's Daybook.  Very inspirational or artsy or homey.

Then there's me. 

I dont smoke, I'm not a heavy drinker, but I'm not all rainbows and butterflies either.  I've said when they took my uterus, they took my filter.  I'm snarky and I have a wickedly dark sense of humor.  Yet I cry at sappy commercials. 

This post makes absolutely no sense other than it has served as an outlet to speak a thought.  I know some of you won't relate but some of you will totally get it. 

You know who you are. ;)

Ok since it's a Friday and most of you are stunned I have posted two days in a row (!), here are some random kitty shots.

Have a great wknd everybody!!!!

Dont hate me because I'm beautiful.  

Hey whatcha doin' up there???


Apparently we have two Gladys Kravitz who live here.  Just like the show!!!!  Playing the part of Gladys today will be Princess.  

And since we went to a cat show last wknd, here is one more........
Doesnt' everybody have a chandelier in their cat condo???


Linda said…
Love the kitty pics Lynn.

kathy b said…
it is ok to be snarky . MY daughter loves a snarky person
Anonymous said…
OMG!!! Those HEMI paws!!!! Could that boy get any cuter?????

I don't smoke. I'm not a heavy drinker. My humor is VERY dark, probably not TOO snarky, but there is definitely some snark. I think I can relate. LOL

(I had to keep some of that under wraps with the Florida folks I hung out with. My Pennsy peeps totally GET it. LOL)
thanida said…
Very interesting,thanks for sharing such a good information.your blogs is so convincing that I never stop myself to say something about it.

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