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Looking out my window...Every Monday morning this is my view leaving my apartment complex.

Every. Single. Monday.  I take a pic on the way to work and post it on Instagram.  #mounttrashmore

I am thinking... that I really want to empty out my storage unit.  I gear myself up to empty it out and when I get there, I fizzle.  There is still alot of stuff in there.  So instead I take a box.  Baby Girl has two boxes in her trunk and I have a plastic bin with drawers in my car.  

It's a start.

I am thankful...for my massage therapist.  I started going to her for abt 8 months now and I. LOVE. HER!!!!!  Since I've gone back to work, my hips hurt, my shoulders are tight, my wrists feel like carpel tunnel will start at any moment.  I am sore the next day, but it is totally worth it.  

I am wearing... a big blue tshirt that are jammies.

I am creating... I've actually been productive!!!  What started as a wknd of cleaning and organizing the bins from the storage unit turned into a wknd of yarn!!!  I put all active knitting projects into one pile.  They are as follows

Caledonia - it's back in the rotation

A tv blanket I started many moons ago.  Frogged.  It is HUGE and heavy and time consuming.  Not sure what I want to do with the stash it created.....

A baby blanket I started a while back as well.  This one is still a keeper.  However not sure what I was thinking when I bought the yarn.  I dont have anywhere near enough in that bag.  I'm thinking I have a rouge bag in the closet of this yarn and hopefully one more skein for Caledonia.  

My traveling scarf.  I switched needles from the double points to my Denise interchangeables.  It's on hold.  
Squares for a blanket.  I LOVED this yarn, but I donated the squares.  I started putting them all together, but I'm realizing I'd rather cuddle under a quilt.  

Another sweater I started a few years ago.  I still plan on finishing it once Caledonia is complete.  My problem is I live in Florida and run VERY warm.  I really dont need any of these heavy items, which is why they seem to be lingering so long.....

Another baby blanket.  Neither are for anybody, but I just wanted a project to work on.  It is also a keeper.  Will see more attention once Caledonia is done.

Preemie hat.  all that's missing are two pompoms on the corners.  It's been lingering for abt a year now.

I also pulled out 2 bins of yarn and sorted into 3 piles.  One to give away (basically yarn that I was given but will never use), one to sell (on ebay or Ravelry) and one to keep.  Guess which one is the biggest??  There are two bins that are left, one of future projects (one sweater, one tank top) and one bin packed full of sock yarn.  Those will be tackled another day.

I am watching... I recently watched a cozy mystery show with Brooke Shields.  Really like her.  Also watched another cozy mystery with Lori Laughlin (Aunt Becky from Full House) that I also enjoyed.  

I am reading... I have read about 20 pages of Eleanor Oliphant Will Be Just Fine but I cant get into it.  Instead this one is calling my name.
Front Cover

It's funny and snarky and I'm already into it after page 4.  We just went to a wedding in Feb so it's very relatable! LitSoc is Thursday and I hope to have more read.  

I am hoping... to keep moving forward on my house projects.

In the kitchen... I apparently did all my cooking last week.  I did throw together dinner sunday night of basically all the veggies that were still good along with one of the sausages from the freezer and some potatoes.  Turned out well.  But so far this week I've prepared nothing and I have nothing planned for the week either.  It's one of those weeks where there is something planned every night so dinner is going to be on the fly.

Shared Quote

I may have already posted this here, but it's too good not to share again.

One of my favorite things... AKA Hemi's Corner!!!!

selfie I took to send #1 Son

Post Script

If you enjoyed reading my daybook and would like to create one of your own, here is the link to the format, guidelines and complete list of prompts.


Linda said…
I really enjoy reading these posts Lynn. Great projects. Another cute Hemi pic.

Anonymous said…
I really enjoyed Elinor Oliphant. But, it was definitely quirky. Everything I Never Told You was good too.

Awwwwwwwwww...Hemi!!!! Love that boy! (Good to "see" you too, Lynn. LOL)

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