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Looking out my window...we have new baby sandhill cranes at work!!

I am thinking... too much or not enough.  May is a busy month (who am I kidding, they are all busy) and sometimes my brain just doesn't want to work.  This why I like the Daybook posts.  Keeps me focused.

I am thankful...for Disney tickets.  We got annual passes and have been five times in the month of April alone.  We have two more planned days and I know there will be one or two more thrown in.  

I am wearing... I wore tan capris and a pink Lady & Son's tee, but I have since changed into my pjs.

I am creating... does putting projects into piles count?  And even though the weather has been really nice (another thing I'm thankful for), it is no longer cold enough for wool socks.  They all got a good soaking before being put away.

I am watching... lots of old tv.  Mary Tyler Moore, Hogan's Heroes, Bob Newhart.  However I do watch current stuff too.  Big Bang Theory, the reboot of Roseanne, the reboot of Will & Grace, Kevin Can Wait (which is just a reboot of King of Queens) and various Hallmark Mystery movies.

We also saw two plays in April, Little Shop of Horrors and The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.  The upcoming play is Oklahoma.  I can remember a time when going to the theatre was seeing the latest movie.  I tend to watch those from home now!

I am reading... I actually have something to write about!!!  First book I read was

Image result for tell me no lies book

Hated it.  I was so hopeful!!!  Its 300+ pages long.  I read the first 110 and the last 20.  The reviews say gripping.  I was bored.  The reviews say twist ending!  I hated it.  I literally wanted to throw the book across the room.  It needed an epilog or something.  There was no closure.

The second book I read was

Front Cover

I was #46 on the library list for this book.  It did NOT disappoint!!!  I was not bored, it was gripping, and I finished the last 100 pages in one sitting.  No bad language and no descriptive sexy times.  Scenes are implied, but nothing graphic.  And there were twists!  You think one thing and it's actually another.    Highly recommend it.  If you've read it, please let me know, I'm dying to talk to somebody abt this book!!

This is the next stack I'm choosing from

I am are still reading!! I do tend to prattle on. 

In the kitchen... I've been trying to cook more so there have been stuffed peppers

sausage pasta

and some chicken stuffed with spinach and feta.  I also tried a new recipe for Lemon Bars.  I overbaked them a bit, but they were still good.

Shared Quote

A moment from my month.  
Some Saturday skies from April


Lake Eola

One of my favorite things... AKA Hemi's Corner!!!!

The Gladys Cravitz of the neighborhood!

Post Script

If you enjoyed reading my daybook and would like to create one of your own, here is the link to the format, guidelines and complete list of prompts.


Smily said…
I'm reading, for sure :)
I like your notes, they are like talking with a friend or looking at everything with your eyes.
Your quote is so right! I have a a sister. We are like two different galaxies, but when we have bad times, we are close to each other as never before.
Have a nice weekend,
Linda said…
I envy you being able to go to Disney whenever you want. Thanks for the Hemi pics.


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