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For Today
Looking out my window...

It is June and it is HOT!  It's not even 11am yet and it's already 84 with a heat index of 96.  While I dont want hurricanes, I dont mind the rainy tropical storms that pass thru.  It at least cools us down.

I am thinking... about where I can put a few more things so that I can downsize the storage unit.  I can't get rid of it completely but I can go down a size and save abt $50 a month by doing it.  
I am thankful... for working vehicles, a job with flexible hours, a roof over my head, disney tickets.  I try to keep things as simple as possible so that I can have those perks of disney tickets or theatre tickets.  I'm also thankful for volunteer opportunities at the local community theatres.  It's why I can see as many shows as I do.

I am wearing... Mickey Mouse jammies
I am creating...hats!!  The theatre group decided to dress up as Snow White and a handful of Dwarfs and I had to make a couple of hats for their costumes.  You cant dre…