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Looking out my window...

It is June and it is HOT!  It's not even 11am yet and it's already 84 with a heat index of 96.  While I dont want hurricanes, I dont mind the rainy tropical storms that pass thru.  It at least cools us down.

I am thinking... about where I can put a few more things so that I can downsize the storage unit.  I can't get rid of it completely but I can go down a size and save abt $50 a month by doing it.  

I am thankful... for working vehicles, a job with flexible hours, a roof over my head, disney tickets.  I try to keep things as simple as possible so that I can have those perks of disney tickets or theatre tickets.  I'm also thankful for volunteer opportunities at the local community theatres.  It's why I can see as many shows as I do.

I am wearing... Mickey Mouse jammies

I am creating...hats!!  The theatre group decided to dress up as Snow White and a handful of Dwarfs and I had to make a couple of hats for their costumes.  You cant dress up exactly as the characters when you are visiting Disney (unless you are a child), but you can do what's called Disney Bounding.  It's where you dress up as a character so that when ppl look at you, they say "hey she looks like Snow White" instead of "hey there goes Snow White."  I posted pics of the group below but here are the pics of the hats.

I also pulled out some yarn to make a pair of socks for my nephew.  I set abt 9 different yarns out that were bright and stripey.  Then I added a solid as an afterthought in a blue/purple hue.  He picked the solid.  

I just need to find my dpns.....

I am watching... right now I have Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on.  They are having a Kellie Martin marathon.  It's great for backgroud noise and since I've already seen these movies, I dont have to sit to keep up with them.

I am reading...  nothing this month.  I started abt 3 different books but nothing is catching my attention.  I've been focused on knitting projects so I think books will be on hold for a bit......

I am hoping... for my credit score to move higher faster.  I REALLY am tired of apartment living.

In the kitchen...  since school is out, Baby Girl made some taco chili the other night.  She also made some gluten free bread.  Not sure if she likes it, she toasted up some Udi bagels the other day.  

Shared Quote

A moment from my month.  
May was another full month.  

We went to see our friend in Oklahoma

It was fun to see our friend in the show, and we always have a blast hanging with our friends ahead of time, but Oklahoma is not a favorite of mine.

A graduation pool party with a redneck slip n slide (tarp, water and baby shampoo)

Graduation.  It RAINED pretty much the entire day.  They were hoping to graduate the Class of 2018 outside on the football field, but they ended up moving it to the gym 3 hours later.  There was talk of postponing it to the following day, but the graduating class did NOT want that!!!  They waited it out and graduated late that night.  
gotta love florida storms

Baby Girl was part of the production crew

Last day of school
Last day of school vs first day of school.  She is now an incoming Junior in high school.  Just want to know how that happened!

Animal Kingdom with the theatre group for disney bounding. 
The girls are cute but look at those hats!!

Meet Grumpy, Dopey, Snow White, Sleepy, Bashful and Doc. 

Volunteering at one of the theatres for The Glass Menagerie by Tennesee Williams.  OMG.  SO.SLOW!  and really depressing.  There were a few moments that were funny, but you walk out feeling sad.

One of my favorite things... AKA Hemi's Corner!!!!
Hemi plopping down next to Lucy

Theo plopping down next to Hemi

Hemi plopping down next to me

And there you have it.  June is set to be just as interesting.  What summer plans do you have?

If you enjoyed reading my daybook and would like to create one of your own, here is the link to the format, guidelines and complete list of prompts.


Linda said…
These are such fun posts Lynn. You are so lucky to be able to go to Disney whenever. Never been back there and haven't been to Disneyland since 1 day in August 2001. Sure do miss it. Looks like you both had a great month. Love all the pics especially Hemi.

Anonymous said…
Baby Girl looks so CUTE as Doc.

I had to laugh. The photo outside the theater was small, but my first thought was . . . I KNOW that theater. That's DeLand!!!! I made it bigger and sure enough...I was right!!!

Loved DeLand and miss going up there.
kathy b said…
DISNEY Bounding is all new to me . BUT THAT yellow hat worked perfectly/ WOw the graduation storm clouds are impressive!!!

I LOVE Oklahoma the play. Al is living there I sing to her often!

I am hoping: For a lovely morning tomorrow and NO bug bites as I pull weeds tomorrow
Lifesastitch said…
Those storage units are addicting. I was so glad to get our stuff out of ours, but my friend who moved at the same time we did, is now up to storage unit #6!
thanida said…
Thanks for the info, it's very informative. I love reading about this subject, will bookmark! 
supersonic100g9 said…
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